Happy New Year 2017

HAPPY 2017! 

The year 2016 is coming to an end and a new year is just about to start.
For me this time has always been a time to look back at what happened during the past year and what intentions I place for the upcoming journey around the sun.
What did I learn last year? What are the habits I wish to take with me to 2017 and what not? A time to make some changes in order to make the next year even better!

During the last day of the year I usually take a moment to sit down by my self, with a pen and a paper. On this paper I write down my:
TOP 5 best memories of 2016 where I felt the smile of my heart present, I write down the
TOP 5 lessons that helped me grow and become a better person and lastly I write down the
TOP 5 intentions and goals I wish to work towards in 2017.

First I spend a moment looking at the first two lists & feeling gratitude for the year that gave me so many wonderful moments of love and learning. Then I take some time to look at the latter list of intentions for 2017. As I look at this list I focus my mind to become determinate and confident. I feel trust and patience in my heart in order to make these intentions become stronger.

Then I am ready to celebrate the change of the year with gratitude and clarity! 
''Gratitude is riches. Clarity is power.'' 

I hope you enjoyed this post & it inspired you to create your own New Year tradition.

I will be writing more about Change the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned - after all, this is the perfect time to make changes in life for the next year! 

Thank you for this year, for being a part of my life! 

Deepest Gratitude to: Aadil Palkhivala, Tove Palmgren, Nicola Moberg, Tiina Gaasedelen, my loving family, all my students, and my best friend and dear husband Gabriel Maldonado.