Next step: Willingness to change

‘’If you want the things in your life to change, YOU have to change the things in your life!’’ 
- Kevin Trudeau

As we continue on the path of making a successful change in your life; whether it be a big or small change the next step to take after finding in yourself the urge to grow is; discovering the willingness to change. 

Now the questions to ask yourself are the following: What am I willing to change, to sacrifice, to give up in order to make a change in my life?
One must have the willingness to change something - whether it is that one hour of television in the evening, eating habits or our very own attitudes, something we must be willing to change in order to grow. And this is where most people give up, because one has to step a little out of the safety of the comfort zone.

 The Chinese are very familiar with the importance of the concept of being willing to make changes; the definition for insanity in a Chinese proverb is this: ‘’to repeat the same action again and again and expect a different result.’’ 

 Isn’t this what we all do ever so often?
Repeating the same thoughts and ideas, the same ways of acting and perceiving and yet we wonder why we aren't becoming any happier, richer and more successful?
Einstein put this concept in his own words: ‘’a problem (a challenge, an issue) can not be solved with the same consciousness that created it.’’ We must have the willingness to change our perceptions. 

    Without the willingness to change the urge to grow (step 1) fades away and becomes just a fantasy. Let me give you an example. Say one wants to loose weight; one has such a strong urge to loose weight that one can already image oneself in the ideal body. But when the moment comes to make a change in the habits and choose between going for lunch to Mc Donald's or the Organic Restaurant one chooses to listen to the old habit and goes for a hamburger.
  The old patterns will kick in as you walk on the journey of growth, and this is why the next; 3rd step is so important - Stay tuned for the next post: appropriate and truthful guidance.  

Asana tip to practice the willingness to change:
When you do your practice pay attention to making constant small changes instead of falling into the habit of doing your asana in an automatic way. As you flow through the sequence of Surya Namaskar make an effort to work on a new action in every movement. Lift the POA as you look up in Vanarasana, spread the shoulder plades in Phalakasana. This way your mind will be more willing for new actions - not only in your asana practice but in your life as well! 

''The important thing is this: to be able at any moment, to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.'' - Charles Du Bos

An example of the willingness to change from my own life: 
Years ago I decided that I wanted to become happier; Carpe Diem and live life to the fullest - you know... So I went to travel and surf around Asia! I wasn't feeling fulfilled in my work so for me this travelling was a perfect, well, escape. However after some time on the road I noticed that the same thoughts and feelings of frustration and heaviness returned even though I was thousands of kilometres away from my job! My urge to become happier seemed almost like a lost dream.
Then my dear mother told me a story of these two dogs that walk into a house full of mirrors. One dog is really angry, growling and barking, showing the teeth - as this dog goes into the house of mirror he sees hundreds of angry dogs and walks out of the house even angrier! Then the happy dog goes into the house of mirrors; what a joy he sees in the mirrors as a 100 dogs are smiling to him and winging the tail. The happy dog comes out of the house in bliss!
Then I realised what my issue was - the problem never was my job nor the solution the travelling, because my life was like this house of mirrors on which I was projecting my own feelings. I had to, humbly, recognise that it was myself that needed to be changed and not so much the external world and circumstances. I had to practice humility and put my ego aside as I began to become willing to change my self; my own thoughts, perceptions and ideas. This was a biggie.

Next step for me was: How to change my own thoughts & perceptions? Truthful guidance.
More on this in the next post!