Change - the inevitable guest in our lives.

I was talking with my friends and family what the new year meant for them and I found one common element in all the conversations; the new year meant making changes. Changes of some sort, big or small, long-term or short-term, but changes. Change can sometimes be a very scary concept for the comfort-zone loving mind, still we all know how crucially important change is.
The beginning of a new year is a perfect opportunity for practicing your change making skills!

Now it is 2017 - What intentions and goals have you set for this year?  What are the changes you'll make? 


Evolution, growth and change have been a crucial part of the world since the beginning. These are elements which, when used in the right way, provide us even today with a great power. However I have noticed how important it is to understand one simple rule when it comes to change and growth. Nature's laws love simplicity; when we are not evolving & changing, we are slowly dying.
There are only two directions. One is forward, one is back. 

This is clearly visible in the anatomical brain. In medical terms the definition for becoming older is that the brain has ceased to create new neural networks, new neurological pathways.
In simple terms this means, that if our brain stops evolving and learning, it begins to slowly decay and we become older. According to this philosophy our age is directly connected to our brains ability to create new pathways; to learn! (What a relief! Our age is in our own hands) 

Asana tip:
While working in your standing poses, really focus on rooting from the four corners of your feet and lifting the arches. Precise actions such as these demand the brain to stay focused and work on building new neural pathways! 

So how to stay young & inspired this year? 
By cultivating open mindedness and the ability to change yourself and make changes in your life! 
But, how do we do this? What are the tangible actions to take? 

In Purna Yoga, there are five steps needed in creating a successful change. During the following weeks, I will open up each one of them for you to discover the power of change safely, step by step.

These are the 5 necessary steps of Purna Yoga that help you understand what is required to change your life for the better.
In order to grow & evolve you must have: 

  1. Urge to grow
  2. Willingness to change
  3. Appropriate and truthful guidance
  4. Consistant effort
  5. Patience

    Stay tuned to read more about the urge to grow!