Step one: We must want it.

The urge to grow. This is the first step on the path towards making a change & growing. 
We must want to grow.  We must have a burning desire to grow! We have to have it. Otherwise nothing happens. So in whatever personal evolution you are, ask yourself: Do I really, honestly, want it?
Most of us don’t. Most of us are fairly content with where we are at. 
But if you do want to make your life better by growing and making changes, let it be very clear. 
Because if you are not sure about it, this hesitation will kick in as you proceed in your actions towards growth.
Think of a child. If a child is not really interested to learn how to ride a bicycle, well, most likely he will never learn how to ride a bike. It is the personal urge to learn that inspires us to take action. Same principle applies to dogs for example; it is because the dog really wants the treat that it learns to sit down when asked to.  

A story of the driving force of the urge to grow my own life.

''When I was 18 years old, I was looking into what to go and study in University. I was the typical teenager; not quite knowing my place or aim in this world, drifting in between my own dreams and the opinions of others. 

I had two questions that didn’t let me sleep: What is the purpose of my life & what do I want to go towards? At the root of these two questions there was a third unconscious question: Who am I really?
As I was contemplating my different future options in University somehow nothing felt right. Why? Because I couldn’t find the answers to my three questions in the lists of the subjects. I thought to myself as I looked at my different possible paths of University; ‘’if there is nothing that lights up a fire of inspiration in me, what’s the use?’’
So I went, with my strong urge to grow, to travel. And on my travels I attracted Yoga into my life. There was something about this ancient practice that kept me wanting to learn more. Sooner than I expected I found that there they were! The tools that would help me find the answers to the questions that had been driving me around the world.
The urge to grow was the first necessary act on the journey of self development in my life.''

Find the urge to grow in whatever field your passion is in or in whatever change you are working with and you'll be ready to take the next step: willingness to change - more about it coming soon!