Step four: Consistent effort

''Vision without execution is just hallucination.'' - Henry Ford
= A dream without action is just a fantasy.

This is the step where our true character will have to show itself.
This is also the step, where most of us, sadly,  give up.
So far you have discovered the urge to grow, nurtured the willingness to change and found yourself a truthful teacher who has told you what you must do in order to reach your goals.. 

Now you must find the determination to act upon what you have learned!
To put in use all this information you have gathered - after all; what is the use otherwise?
Unused all the knowledge will just get dusty in the mental library of the brain.

Remember from last week: If you want the things in your life to change - You must go and change the things in your life! Things will not magically change on their own while we sit on the sofa and do everything just as we have always done. 
We must act. 

Sometimes I have students coming to me for private classes and asking for help with physical challenges. These students are very excited with an urge to grow and willingness to make a change in an issue of theirs. So I tell them something like this; repeat this pose 3 times a day for 21 days and you'll begin to witness changes. After a month I meet with the student and ask about the challenge. The answer is too often: ‘’Well, the issue is still there..I’ve been so busy, so many deadlines at work..we are planning the vacations, and my mother has her birthday..’’

This is called ''excusitis'' (I find this name hilarious! I notice it so many times in my own mind). It is one of the challenges to overcome in this step of consistent effort. Life, with all it's busy tasks has a strong grip on us, and it requires strength and determination to undo this tight hold of habit. 

‘’If it is important, you will make it happen. If not, you will find an excuse.’’

The other obstacle in this step is what The Great Mother called: hurry disease, the cause of all chronic illness. Hurry disease describes a state where we are constantly a little bit in a hurry inside ourselves; we feel like there is not enough time, nothing feels enough and our to do- lists tasks feel over whelming. 

This state is very common, partly because we live in a world of instant gratification; as Simon Sinek discribes: ''You want to buy something, you go to Amazon & it shows up by your door the next day.. You want to get in touch with someone, you just send a message! You want to watch a movie, you just log on and watch it - you don't have to look for movie times & wait. You want to get a date, you just swipe right (Tinder), you don't have to go through the awkward part of asking her/him out.''
Instant gratification. We want it fast, we want it easy & we want it cheap. 

Yet it is only with consistent effort that we can reach our goals. Step by step. Action after action. Day by day. And as you move towards your goals it is important to know the next step: Patience.  
More on patience coming soon! 

A story of consistent effort from my life: 
I have loved the art of surfing waves ever since I tried it first. This was many years ago in Indonesia, at a Rip curl surf school; with the biggest longboard I have ever seen, stumbling continuously on my leash as I walked on the beach so proud to be a ‘’surfer’’ with this brightly coloured helmet on my head (I looked absolutely silly!).
I enjoyed the feeling of playing in the ocean, the feeling of being carried ever so gently by a wave. 

I surfed whenever I could on my travels and made it to learn the basics, enough to keep going on my own. I hadn’t seen the waves in a long time and decided to travel to South India for some surfing. As I went for the first time into the water, ah - it was bliss! I was so happy!
Then my wave came and I paddled, stood up and fell right away. And I paddled back, did it again. And again. It was not always easy to paddle back, there were moments of frustration as I saw others so effortlessly catch the waves & stand up.. But still the next morning early I was there. I was there until the evening. The next day I repeated this. And on my last days there, standing up was not an issue anymore. If I had given up and found excuses not to try again I would've never been able to enjoy the joy of surfing fully the last days! The rewarding power of consistent effort. Keep going! 


As long as you don't give up, nothing is over! 

As long as you don't give up, nothing is over!