The Mastery of succesful change: Patience

We live in a world in which everything is faster than ever before. 
Our cars are faster, our trains are faster. People speak faster, think faster, receive information faster through the internet, which in itself is super fast. When was the last time you wondered: ''Oh, where has all this time gone?!'' - Right, it seems like time goes faster too. 
Think about it; if a couple hundred years ago someone had said that in a few hours you can fly around the world & over the oceans people would have thought you are crazy.
Yet today, it is reality. 

So no wonder we have, in this fast tempo life, forgotten the value of true patience.
We are as if taken over by the ''hurry disease'' that I was explaining in the previous post.
All of us in the Western world are so used to receiving what we want almost immediately. If this does not happen for some reason or another, well, we get a little frustrated. Frustration slows down our evolution & growth. Frustration is like a grey cloud that covers the inspired sunshine in our hearts. And naturally, we want to keep the sun shining and giving us joy and  energy! 

This is why the last step of mastering successful change in what ever aspect of your life; whether loosing weight, getting a promotion, being more loving towards yourself or aspiring to raise human consciousness, being patient is a crucial part of the journey. 

Asana tip to practice patience: 
When doing your yoga asana (posture) practice and going through the different poses keep reminding yourself of this one thing: 
It is not about striving for the perfect looking pose, it is not about holding your big toe in Supta Padanghustasana - not about ''getting there''!
This is the mentality we usually have - ''when I can touch the floor I'll be ready!'' - but the whole practice of yoga aims to rewire this type of performance thinking into a patient and loving feeling - ''I am enjoying the journey with the patient understanding that as I do this diligently there is no other way but for me to progress!''  

Patience, when experiencing the actual sincere feeling of patience (not merely the mental concept) is like a loving mother's calming embrace in the middle of  all the hurry and expectations of life. 

We live in a world where we can get many things (food, clothes, likes, movies exc.) in the blink of an eye.
But when it comes to making changes in things that really matter, like our own internal world, it takes time. That is a fact. It takes time. And that's where you'll need patience. Everyday patience. And I promise you, just when you are about to loose faith, about to give up - something will happen for you to see & enjoy the fruit of your hard work. Just like a mother giving birth to a child: just when they are ready to give up & leave the hospital they deliver a beautiful baby!

Brief practice of patience for you to use: 
When you wake up in the morning sit up on the edge of you bed. Do a few mental centerings to get rid of the foggy veil the night left in your mind. Once you feel centred connect with the feeling of patience. Experience the feeling fully, so that as you open your eyes you feel ready for your day; you feel calm & you trust - instead of rushing into the fast flowing river of habit & hurry.
I do this myself when ever I feel I need more patience in my days.
And it has never failed to give me a calmer and more balanced state for the day! 


These five steps of growth & change are here for you to read and come back to whenever you need them. Try them out and see for yourself! 
Why not take up a little summer challenge? If you would consider taking a summer challenge; what would it be? 
Go ahead - give it a try! 

''Nature's laws love simplicity; when we are not evolving & changing, we are slowly dying.
There are only two directions. One is forward, one is back.'' (from blog post: Change - the inevitable guest in our lives) 
Which way are you going today? 

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