The Art of Relaxing - 3# Hydration

3# Hydration 

Your body is 75% water. What happens, when there isn't enough hydration in the body - and how does this affect your ability to relax? 

Hydration is the process where something absorbs water. In this case the ''something'' is your body. When your body has not received enough water to absorb your body becomes dehydrated. Dehydration means lack of water in the body; dryness. 

When our body becomes dry several things happen.
The fascia covering your muscles becomes tight, causing tightness and tension in the muscles, even cramping. The intervertebral disks become dryer and weaker (they are mostly liquid) causing the spine to become tight and vulnerable. The skin becomes tight and itchy. The nervous system becomes agitated, fiery and impatient. Your blood becomes thicker making your heart muscle work harder to move it forward. The body pH becomes more acidic - creating a state where disease thrives. 

So let's quickly recap: If you are dehydrated = in a state where you haven't been absorbing enough water (drinking) you feel your body tense and tight, you might even have a headache, your back is achy, your skin itches, and any small thing makes you agitated. 
Do you think that in a state like that you can deeply relax? No way. 

So how much should one drink per day to stay hydrated? 
There is a simple way to calculate that. 

YOUR WEIGHT in kg  =   OUNCES of WATER/per day. 

For example;
60 kg = 60 ounces (= 2,00l of water) 


One more thing: when you drink only water your are cleansing your body internally, like an inner shower. This is good especially in the mornings. 
To hydrate yourself add something into the water; lemon, mint, ginger, a few slices of cucumber, berries or Fortune Delight. When you add something to your water before drinking it hydrates your body more effectively. (+ It is very tasty!) So drink water, with something in it, between meals through out your day to stay well hydrated. 

When well hydrated you'll feel more relaxed and calm, more patient and understanding. You'll feel your body more released and free. Creating an alkaline pH state, a state of health and relaxation.
Try it out and see for your self! 

My tip: buy a 1 litre glass bottle and fill it up twice a day, this reminds you to drink enough! 

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