The Art of Relaxing - 4# Essential oils

4# Essential Oils


Essential oils derived from plants are also called ''the soul of the plant''. Think about that. 
They contain all the juice, vitamins, antioxidants and power of the plant. Take Lavender essential oil for example. The oil is simply the raw extract containing the essence of the flower; it has the beautiful pure scent that helps you sleep better as well as all the vitamins and minerals to help your skin rejuvenate. 

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Essential oils have been used throughout the world for thousands of years. In Australia aboriginal people have known the power of eucalyptus oil. In India lemon peel essential oil has been used in Auyrveda for millennia; from external cleaning to inner cleansing. In Canada peppermint has been used to help with digestion, to sharpen focus and to refresh the space. The wisdom of essential oils has been there, it is now that people are waking up to its Power again. 

What you smell when using an essential oil is not simply smelling a wonderful scent but actually volatile aromatic chemicals - this means that using essential oils has a physical & a chemical effect on you. Therefor essential oils are not simply fragrances but effect us on a deeper level. 

So what can you do at home that helps you and your family relax better? 
Here are a few practical tips. 


Lavender essential oil

1. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your body lotion, and enjoy the soothing effect on your skin as well as on your mind. 
2. Drop a couple drops on your pillow before going to bed at night. 
3. When taking your warm evening shower, drop some lavender oil to the floor and enjoy the fragrance. 
4. Diffuse lavender oil through out the night in your bedroom for a better sleep. 

Other great essential oils to relax: 

1. Eucalyptus Oil - rub some of this oil on your chest before going to bed
(or rub it on your snoring partners chest to help you sleep better)
2. Mirrha Oil - add into your body lotion and rub it into the soles of your feet. 
3. Frankinsence Oil - Rub it into the soles of your feet before going to bed. 
Did you know that only in 20 minutes after rubbing essential oils to the soles of your feet the components of the oils get in your blood stream? Great for helping the immune system! 

I do this every night myself. 
I use Young Living all organic & pure essential oils. 
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