The Art of Relaxing - 1# Magnesium

1# Take a magnesium supplement in the evenings. 

During the past 100 years our way of farming has changed dramatically - from local small manual farming to concentrated massive farming by big machinery. This change; the modern aggressive methods have caused the soil to become depleted of many of it's nutrients. 

In the past 20 years the magnesium level in our food has decreased 30%. Think about that.
That means we are not getting the levels of this mineral we need to. Adding to this the intense lifestyle most of us lead, with busy schedules and stress - causing the body to use more magnesium than 20 years ago - we are not receiving enough of it to maintain mineral balance. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 17.09.28.png

In our body magnesium has a variety of different health maintaining jobs; without it our muscles would constantly contract, we could not produce energy and the health of our heart muscle would be in serious danger. Why? 

Magnesium helps the blood vessels to relax and by this plays a main role in the relaxation of muscles. (Magnesium is often recommended to help with muscle cramps.) 
Being an electrolyte magnesium aids muscle and nerve function, especially crucial for our heart. The heart muscle uses big amounts of magnesium daily - if under stress these amounts skyrocket. So when under stress we need even more magnesium to support the heart muscle.
Magnesium also helps to balance high blood pressure (hypertension).

So to sum it up: we are receiving less magnesium in our food, we are using more magnesium due to our stressful lifestyle.
This is why this weeks tip for relaxation is supplementing with magnesium and taking it in the evenings, as it promotes relaxation. 
Get a good magnesium from your local health food store & enjoy the relaxing effect it has on your body and mind! 


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