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Dream Board for 2019 - Workshop (in english)

  • Purna Yoga Helsinki Fredrikinkatu 67 E 42 00100 Helsinki (map)

’’ All things are created twice. First in your mind and then in your life.’’

A dream board is a collection of your dreams and goals put into pictures, words or quotes and attached to a board that is placed so that you can see it every day. 

There is a principle in life called ‘’what ever we think about, we attract into our life’’. That is exactly what the dream board is for - to bring you closer to your dreams and goals as you see them in your dream board every day. 

A dream board is where you create your life before things actually manifest. It pulls you forward on the days when you feel frustrated and lifts you to remember your dreams when you feel down. 

Many truly successful and happy people have used a dream board as a tool to get closer to
the life they aspire to create for themselves. 

In this workshop we will create our own dream board (sometimes called vision board) for the year 2019. 
You will learn why it is so important to dream and have your dreams visible every day. 
We will also make a personal mission statement for 2019. 
Get ready for the new year!

Start thinking about your intentions for 2019, find quotes that inspire your and words that trigger a beautiful feeling - start visualising your year 2019 and what your dreams are for it. 
See you in the workshop! 
Price: 30€ 
Everything will be provided for your (pens, paper exc.). If you have extra magazines at home bring them with you to share!