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Know Thyself - 4 part Online Course

We are taught we have a mind. Yet not how to use it to create a harmonious life.

We are taught we have a body. Yet not what it is and why we have one.


We are taught we have emotions. Yet not what their purpose is and how to own them.


We are not even taught we have a Soul. Nor what it is and how to contact it.


This 4-part course is for the curious, for the seekers and the open minded.

It is for those who are tired of being confused and not understanding life and themselves and others.

I was there years ago. I had no idea about myself and how life works.

I didn't know there are certain laws to my mind, to my body and to my emotions. I didn't know what my Soul was, where it was and why it was so crucial to be in contact with it.

Now, throughout the last 7 years I've gathered more wisdom and wish to share it with you. We will have a zoom call once a month on the different topics. If you can't join the live class you can always get the recording:

1. Understanding the laws of the mind - Tuesday 15.10 at 18.30-19.30

2. Is your body your temple? - Tuesday 29.10 at 18.30-19.30

3. Emotions - your roadmap - Tuesday 12.10 at 18.30-19.30

4. Soul - Who are you really? - Tuesday 10.12 at 18.30-19.30


1. Click the ‘‘Buy now’’- button below and purchase your course

2. You will be sent a confirmation email

3. One day before the class you will receive the link to the class platform

4. 5-minutes before class open the link and get ready to start!

Price: 100€ for all 4 classes

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